Lets Get Cooking

Lets Get Cooking At Lincolnshire Showground - By Hayley

We arrived at the Lincolnshire Showground with Mrs Palmer, Mrs Cross and Mrs French.

The organisers showed us where we were cooking and we set up our equipment, then we went down to the Epic centre. We were able to get some fruit or biscuits and a drink with the other schools. We had our own table and covered it with our cloth which had an ice cream pattern on it we were the only school to have an unhealthy cloth. One of the organisers went through all the safety rules then we went back down to the other hall where we started cooking.

We had already prepared our ingredients at school so we were able to start cooking. We were making vegetable bean burgers and roasted tomato sauce and it smelt yummy. We were the first school to start serving our food, every body could taste each others food and lots of people said that our burgers were really delicious and they took our recipe so they could have ago at making them. We all had the chance to go round and taste other people’s food and collect their recipes. My favourite was the fruit kebab because it tasted great, was really healthy and had lots of different fruits in it. People said ours were nice and they said they would vote for us but unfortunately we didn’t win. If you wanted to you could vote for yourself so George and I voted for ourselves. After we had all voted it was time to go back to the Epic centre, where they explained what we were doing later. It was then time for our lunch. George and I were the first to get our lunch, it was really lovely but it filled us up. We had chicken, vegetables, pasta, potato wedges and salmon.

After lunch they showed us how to cook salmon with bread crumbs and then they showed us how to make garlic bread. Then we made it our selves. You had to slot 6 holes in it and make the garlic butter using butter and herbs. Then you had to spread the butter in the holes, but unfortunately we broke ours and had to hold it together with some tin foil.

One of the schools came up and showed us their herb garden and explained what they had planted and showed us their pictures of their garden back at school. We were then able to try this drink. It was mint flavour with an ice cube in it that was in the shape of a love heart, it was really tasty and refreshing.

Then it was time to announce the winners of the competition.  The school that won were from a village called Holton-le-Clay, their winning recipe was fish cakes. They won a big blue box. The Eagle school were the people’s choice and they won a plate, their winning dish was herb pasta. Although we didn’t win, that did not matter, we still enjoyed the day and learnt how to cook salmon and make garlic bread.