Our Vision statement for Kelsey Primary school

"To be outstanding in all that we do, never forgetting that we are nurturing young minds."

Kelsey Primary School runs a program of values education which supports and develops fundamental British values alongside children's social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness.

  • We provide ALL pupils with the building blocks to enable them to reach their full potential becoming life-long learners and effective citizens.
  • We offer a stimulating and imaginative learning environment that is focussed on the future.
  • We value differences in culture, language and faith within our community and are respectful at all times.
  • We encourage and promote safety, health and happiness for all.
  • We embed the values and skills that allow our pupils to achieve economic and emotional success in their future lives.

As a result of this:

  • Our pupils strive to achieve to the best of their ability and display confidence, resilience and resourcefulness.