School Council

The school council was democratically elected by all the children in our school as part of our work on promoting fundamental British values.

This term's School Council is as follows:

·         Year 6            William S

·         Year 5            Holly S

·         Year 4            Lexi D

·         Year 3            Bethan S

·         Year 2            Amber H

·         Year 1            Verity G

They have helped us decide the new names for our Classes and Houses this term.

Last term the issues discussed included:

  • interviewed members of the governing body to find out what their role is and written a letter to parents explaining what we have found.
  • learning across the school and how it can be improved.
  • what apps children would like on the iPads.
  • taking over the running of the Golden Broom award for the tidiest classroom.
  • routines at break and lunchtimes along with how they can be improved.