Welcome to the webpage for Kelsey Primary School’s Governors. 

The Governing Body is made up of willing and skilled volunteers who freely give their time and expertise to support the school and assist in its leadership and management.  Our focus is on setting and monitoring the strategic direction for the school and ensuring we have the resources to deliver an outstanding education for every pupil.  The Headteacher runs the school day to day, and the Governing Body appoints the Headteacher and supports her work. 

There are 12 Governors and we meet regularly throughout the year all together in a Full Governing Body meeting or in sub-committees where we focus on 2 key areas of the school’s management: Finance & Resources and Curriculum & Standards. Each Governor is a member of a sub-committee and is also the link for a key area in school.

We currently have a vacancy for 2 new Governors.  If you would like to know more, please contact the Acting Chair of Governors or the Headteacher for an informal, no obligation chat.

At Kelsey Primary School, Governors are part of the everyday fabric of the school with many volunteering to listen to pupils reading or getting actively involved in the PFA and general school life.  You’ll find a Governor at every school event, our photos are on display outside the school office and we can always be contacted via the school.

Governors for the academic year 2016/2017 are:


Type of Governor



Governor since

Term of office ends (4 yrs)

Register of interests




Mrs Lauretta Williams


Chair of Governors


Jan 2015

Dec 2019


FGB 2/3

C&S 0/2

Mrs Louise Daveran


Chair of Curriculum & Standards Committee

Literacy & Numeracy

June 2015

May 2019


FGB 4/5

C&S 5/5

Mrs Hannah Rhymer-Newbould


Non-core subjects


June 2015

May 2019


FGB 5/5

F&R 4/5

Mrs Lu Coultas



Jan 2012

Feb 2020

Out of School Club Staff

FGB 5/5

F&R 3/5

Mrs Kerry Whitham


Governor training & educational visits

Jan 2017



New 2017

Mr Andy Evans


Staff representative

Sept 2013

Aug 2017


FGB 3/5

Mr Richard Eddy


Chair of Finance Committee Health and Safety


Jan 2013

Dec 2020


FGB 5/5

F&R 5/5

Mrs Penny Crosby


Pupil Premium Attendance/lateness/exclusions


Jan 2008

Dec 2020


FGB 5/5

C&S 5/5

Mr Mark Reece



Sept 2015

July 2019


FGB 4/5

F&R 4/5

Past Governors during the academic year 2015/2016 and 2016/2017


Type of Governor

Governor from/to

Mrs Laura Smith


May 2012 - Nov 2015

Mrs Jean Gray


Oct 2014 - Oct 2016

Mr Magnus Smedley


Jan 2012 - Dec 2016

Ms Leoni Kitchin


Sept 2014 - May 2017

Dr Ciara Casey


Jan 2013 - May 2017

Parent Governors are elected by parents and carers of children in the school, Co-opted Governors are elected by the Governing Body and the Local Authority Governor is appointed by the LA.  In addition the Headteacher is also a member, as is one member of current staff, elected by their colleagues.

The Clerk to Governors is Mrs Georgia Brown who can be contacted through the school.

Dates and times of the next governor meetings - all meetings take place at Kelsey Primary School:

Curriculum and Standards - 1730 start


Main item(s)

6th October 2016

Baselines and statutory targets

8th December 2016

1st term data & monitoring plus performance management review.

26th January 2017

Mid-point review of School Improvement Plan (SIP).

27th April 2017

2nd term data & monitoring.

6th July 2017

3rd term data & monitoring plus review of SIP.

 Finance and Resources - 1730 start


Main item(s)

29th September 2016

2nd period budget monitoring and adjust 5 year plan on basis of NOR in October.

1st December 2016

3rd period budget monitoring.

9th February 2017

4th period budget monitoring and final review of financial year.

30th March 2017

Agree and set new budget and finance plan.

29th June 2017

1st period budget monitoring.

 Full governing body - 1830 start


Main item(s)

13th October 2016

Receive reports from Curriculum & Standards and Finance & Resources committees, business under the 6 OFSTED heading, external / governor monitoring and any additional minor items.

15th December 2016

2nd March 2017

18th May 2017

13th July 2017

If you would like to find out more generally about the work of Governors in schools you may find these websites useful.